Let me re-introduce myself...

Thursday, June 16, 2016

I sit here with fresh keys under my fingertips itching to type, to share, to motivate (mostly myself but hopefully others too) and eager to practice what I preach. Last week I had a beautiful, loooong, phone call with one of my very best friends and she left me feeling exactly how chatting with a best friend should. Uplifted, happy, loved, excited and so inspired. After two hours of delightful ramblings I tippy-toed off to bed with a spring in my step and my heart full of hope. But the next morning (after the madness of morning school drop offs) I had more time to reflect on what we discussed and I felt disappointed and frustrated (I'll touch on this more in a separate blog post soon) but I also felt determined, more than I had in a long time, to practice what I preach.

I often voice the importance of us Mumma's taking some time out to do things for ourselves. To set the refresh button. To achieve something (anything) for the day... because we all know how hard that can be sometimes. But in reality, I am not very good at making that valuable time available to myself. And as I chatted to my friend I was reminded of some simple pleasures that I haven't been taking the time to enjoy (the list is long) but one of these outlets is writing. Writing for myself. Writing for my soul. Writing for anyone who cares to read along with me. And it has brought me back here, to my (much neglected) blog.

Some of you have been with me since 'the start' of my blogging journey and have even stuck with me through my travels, three pregnancies and several hiatuses (thank-you!) and whilst this blog has predominantly been about food, fashion and babies, I would really love to throw in a few more personal posts to allow myself to grow some more and overcome some roadblocks that have been up for a while now. So, here I am.

I thought it might be the perfect opportunity to re-introduce myself with some fast and fun facts for those of you who are new here (and for those of you who may not already know). If there is anything else you would like to know just shout... I'm an open book... here goes!

Name: Sonja 'with a 'j' please' (other Sonja's/Sonia's and Sonya's will get this ha!) but I mostly go by Son, Gruetz, Gruetzy (my maiden name was Gruetzner, a good, strong German name), Mrs B and let's not forget Mum, Mumma and Mum Mum :)

Surname: Bouw... as in Rainbow, Bow tie, bow and arrow ;)

Age: 32

Star sign: Gemini

Occupation: Full time stay-at-home Mumma and Domestic Engineer ;) Immediately before becoming a Mum I was a Certified Fitness Trainer and prior to this I worked for a Financial Services company doing several jobs including Executive Assistant and Team Assistant/Events. My first ever job was a paper delivery girl when I was ten years old :)

Married: To my true love, my best friend, Matthew aka Mr B ;)

Children: Three beautiful, amazing daughters (all Sagittarians!)... Allegra Isobel (5.5), Anya Lucille (3.5) and Theodora 'Teddie' Sage (6 months old).

Pets: Two fish... Busy and Milson.

Siblings: Older brother, younger sister. Yep, I'm the middle child.

Nationality: Australian (although my Dad was German and my Mum's side Hungarian).

Travel: Born in Kingaroy QLD, Lived in Melbourne from age 1 to 23. Started my expat adventure when I followed my boyfriend (now husband) to Dubai at the beginning of 2008. We then relocated to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at the beginning of 2010 (where Allegra was born), then again to Sydney in mid 2011 where we lived for almost three years (where Anya was born) and then most recently relocated (again) to Chicago in mid 2014 (where Teddie was born last December). Maybe I should add 'Professional Mover' to my resume ;) In the last decade I have been fortnuate enough to visit over 70 cities across 20 different countries.

Fave color: Yellow

Fave food: A big kick ass salad (boring I know) and CHOCOLATE!

Idiosyncrasies/OCD: I can only set my alarm clock and microwave to certain times. If the girls end up in our bed and I wake up for whatever reason, I will go and make their beds (sometimes at 3:00am)... nut job right here ha!

Things that freak me out: Eggplant, moths, cotton balls. Oh and walking over drains (you know those ones sometimes on the sidewalk). Random I know.

Hidden talents: Card tricks. I have an exceptional memory (well I did have before kids haha).

Pet hates: Bad manners (please, thank-you and you're welcome go a long way!), when people walk slowly in front of me (seriously, hurry to f&%k up ha!) and poor grammar when it comes to the use of words like there/their/they're (yep, grammar police right here #sorrynotsorry).

Guilty pleasure: Back (hell, entire body) scratches... I swear I was a dog in a previous life!

15 minutes of fame: I was once on 'Deal or No Deal' and featured heavily in the episode... and may or may not have said 'depends on how he handles my breasts' on national television ha!

Fears: Not reaching my full potential and disappointing my girls. I hope they will always look up to me, respect me and be proud that they have me as their Mumma.

Dreams: To be the best version of myself. To establish a career for myself. To do more travel before eventually settling back in our beloved Melbourne. Learn how to do a cartwheel. Yep, another random hee hee.

What makes me tick: Communicating with others and the powers that be. I love meeting people from all walks of life and feel so blessed to have made many special friends on my journey so far (many of whom I have never met in person). I love this crazy big but often small world of ours.

When I grow up I want to be: I'm still trying to figure that part out!

Much love...


  1. Awesome post, Son! You and I have SO much in common... like... MANNERS!!! Goodness.. not a hard thing really!... Slow walkers!!! Gah!!!... and learning to cartwheel!.. Always wanted to do one of those!
    You're a divine human being and bring joy and smiles to SO many people ( some you haven't even met, YET.. ;-) . Have a wonderful day! xxxx

    1. Aw thank-you gorgeous, you are too kind :) And yes, hopefully we can have a little catch up during our next visit home... shouldn't been too hard given we are always in the area :) Enjoy your last few week in Perth! xxx

  2. Hi Mrs Bouw ! I've always loved reading your posts, in fact i stumbled upon your blog a few years ago via the Vogue Forums (lol remember those !) Anyway, i dont have any children yet but i adore reading all your posts about your girls & you are seriously my #mumgoals hehehe i hope whatever is causing your frustration and disappointment is easily fixed :) cant wait for more upcoming posts ! much love & light, Lauren xx

    1. Hi lovely Lauren. Oh wow, Vogues forums 🙈 yes, I do remember them! Thank-you so much for your kind words of encouragement, they really do mean a lot! I'm so pleased you enjoy reading xxx

  3. Gorgeous post. I'm so going to love catching up with you here. Sorry about the 'Aunty' Mary bit, I don't know how to change it.

  4. I have been a long time reader and I always love catching up on your blog posts. Also a soon-to-be first-time mama so picking up on your tips and tricks. As a few people have mentioned above, you are definite #mumgoals and I always feel so inspired after seeing your gorgeous Instagram or blog posts! So thanks for being you and don't be so hard on yourself xx

    1. Oh wow, congrats lovely, that is so exciting! When are you due? And thank-you so much for your lovely words and feedback, it really does mean a lot xxx PS yes, I do need to learn not to be so hard on myself... Im working on it with the help of all of you :) xxx

    2. Not due until January, so a longggg road to go! Not to mention scary and nerve-wracking - all these changes are really throwing me xx

  5. Great post Son. I love to hear about the Idiosyncrasies/OCD of others. I totally relate - I have a list of my own. In the spirit if sharing here is one I am famous for - I am the light police. Even at my girlfriends homes I have to turn off the lights in rooms no-one is using.

  6. Love the post! I have been following you on Instagram for over 3 years now and love to see your daily life captured in squares. It's nice to know there are other mumma's out there juggling the daily life of a busy family and crazy household hehe!! Being a stay at home mum of two wee ones myself (Mila 3.5 years and Anya 6 months) I definitely can relate to your daily posts!!
    And yes eggplant and cotton wool balls freak me out too!!!! To the point I can't even touch them!!!
    Keep up the writing and carving back a little 'me time'.... Says she who needs to do exactly the same thing (hehe!)
    PS.... I also have a nice strong German name.... Schlager - which in German means 'to hit', 'racquet' or 'greatest hits' .... As yes Schlargs is my nickname :-/


  7. Awww great to see you back mama!!! I never left you : )

  8. Love love love this post! I have been flowing you from wayyy back when I became a stay at home mumma. Laughing so hard at your idiosyncrasies... I am also a 'nutter' and make beds at all hours (are you sure you not a Virgo like me?) not to mention I am the grammer police too... Mine is your/you're! Thank you for taking the time to talk about real life, your blog and your IG feed, I love it all! Be kind to yourself gorg! (I dish out this advice but don't take it myself, haha). Vivienne aka chanelvixen on IG xx

    1. Aw thanks son much for your sweet words gorgeous one, they mean so much! I'm so happy you've stuck with me for so long :) big kisses xxx


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